Full Version: Moitessier 2.0.7 stable
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I like the quick check for temperature and pressure but miss the same for gps.

The LED is only start blinking when a fix has been achieved but it would be nice to provide some gps-check which shows the satellites in view etc. and give some warning if the antenna strength is not sufficient.

PS: Btw the pressure-check does not show since the last update to 2.0.7 - before it did
pressure-check works in 2.0.7 but the problem is that if you have set the pressure in I2C app, both apps start fighting for controlling the device. If moitessier app wins, you will get data when pressure-check but the I2C app stops working. This has to be solved in I2C, thanks to point me to this. I think we should disable this pressure-check button when the sensor has been set in I2C app to avoid these problems.

Same for the serial-check you propose. It only would work if the serial connection has not been set on any other app.
Thanks Sailoog for the explanation.
Would a "temporary disable control - show data and re-able control" be a feasible solution ? - alternatively get/show the values from the filtered NMEA sentence.

I understand the complexity of gaining control in multi-threading environment but from a users view a dedicated check of the sensor data is a valuable tool and gives confidence in the debugging of configuration issues.
Agree, but we should search for all possible connection in SK, opencpn, OP apps, kplex, GPSD... maybe a window with a message "to be able to check this device, temporally disable any connection you have set for it..." and check all the known options if it fails.