Full Version: OP2.027 settings - update all option
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The update rate of the various OP modules will reduce over time anyhow but may I suggest to add a "update all installed modules" function. A multiple select or a rightmouse option over the install button - anything would be welcomed. Currently update by install is one-by-one with many refresh clicks. Maybe to make the refresh button optionally also a "auto refresh on startup"

Its probably anyhow desirable to have all modules always updated at the last release level. 

PS Just a little snag: dialog text is not updated after install ( 2.0.25 although already 2.0.27) see below

Some points to consider:

Installing/updating openplotter apps ("openplotter-myapp") is an special process because some apps must perform some exotic changes in the host system that are not allowed by the restrictive Debian packaging system. This is why we create an extra process "myappPostInstall" to be executed after each "openplotter-myapp" installation/update. Concatenating all those "myappPostInstall" could be a really demanding task and sometimes dangerous.

When you make "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt upgrade" all "openplotter-myapp" apps are updated but the "myappPostInstall" processes are not triggered. This is why we have added a routine to all apps to check if an updated has been done but not the "myappPostInstall". On these cases the "myappPostInstall" process is executed the first time you open the app.

Said this, I agree an "update all" option could be really useful, so my proposal would be adding a button "Updated Installed" to run "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt install openplotter-*" and run each "myappPostInstall" only the fist time each app is called.

About the second issue. You are seeing 2.0.25 because although you have updated to 2.0.27, you are still running 2.0.25 from memory. Solution: adding an informative window "this app has been updated and it will be closed to apply the changes" and close.