Full Version: Add Rate of Turn to signal K
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Would it be possible to add Rate of Turn and such data that is now produced and visible in the Compass Scope to Signal K so that the data can then be used to construct the ROT sentence in NMEA 0183?

I will second that. It seems there are many fields that are available on Compass Scope that are not carried forward into SignalK and Nmea. At least if they were brought into SignalK, then they could be pushed to Node Red. However, Rate of Turn is the most important IMU field missing.


There is already ROT calculation in "Calculation" tool. Check please.
Ahh, there it is.  So how does the data come in and where does it go out?  I don't see  NMEA or SignalK values.  Undecided  I guess it is time to download the dailies and poke around  Big Grin
ROT is calculated from heading variation so you need a NMEA input with heading data o set a compass with an IMU. ROT data is sent to Signal k and you can convert to NMEA with a signal k plugin.