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(01-12-2018, 11:48 AM)jim321 Wrote: [ -> ]@JeanRCA
i would just like to say thank you for your work for this community, and give you a thumbs up.

Thanks a lot! I appreciate.
It's a pleasure to work with a community so friendly
Translate the chapter "USB DVB-T dongle" - Done
Hey, I intend to translate the chapter "IMU Sensor"
Translate the chapter "IMU Sensor" - Done
I suffered with the list of devices. I'm not good enought in electronic, this list is meanless for me. I do my best, but I think it must be adjust by someone who handle the subjet.

Translate the chapter "Environment Sensor" - Done
Translate "1W temperature sensor" done.

This ended the chapters of "what do you need?" in the /fr repository.

There are more devices in the /en repository. How do we procede?
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