Full Version: IMU readings
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I am a bit confused as to the output from SignalK. 
On the SK input diagnostics I get an understandable reading of deg., but the signalK value from the stream in NR shows a different value/format. How do I use this?

5.7.. radiant = 328 degree you have to convert radiant into degrees
[{"id":"27f85a97.f0ece6","type":"function","z":"217cab7.d842f54","name":"Rad to Deg","func":"var rad = msg.payload;\nvar deg = rad * 180/3.14;\nmsg.payload=deg;\nreturn msg ;","outputs":1,"noerr":0,"x":796.0000858306885,"y":154.000018119812,"wires":[["a974ffe2.57316"]]}]
here is a function node 
its rad *180/3.14 = deg.

then you will find temp is in kelvin.... temp * 9.0 / 5.0 - 459.67 ...... thats to F °
Thank you both for your replies. That did it!
Why is it in radiant? This makes no sense to me, we should use degrees everywhere.
same reason they use kelvin to look intelligent.. JK lol..
really i don't know and agree with you. it thru me off too.
but not an big issue once you know.. just convert it in nodered.
I don't think SI-units are a bad thing...