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  How do I get support on OpenCPN
Posted by: Didier B - 11-28-2017, 06:03 PM - Forum: How do I...? - Replies (6)

The preferences of the "Status Bar" plugin cannot be neither set nor saved since the upgrade to OCPN 4.8, I checked that both in the version installed with OpenPlotter and in another version on my netbook (Lubuntu 1404 LTS). I tried without success to connect to opencpn.org, overloaded, time-out. Could someone tell me how to report the bug and get support ?

  Quark Elec
Posted by: abarrow - 11-28-2017, 09:52 AM - Forum: General discussion - No Replies

I just found this guy on Tindie. It looks like he has some very interesting devices, including a nice external AIS/GPS to WiFi device, a reasonably priced SeaTalk converter, and a few others. Maybe it'll help someone!


  pypilot video
Posted by: seandepagnier - 11-27-2017, 10:36 PM - Forum: General discussion - No Replies

I finally managed to use kdenlive on the raspberry pi to edit some videos!

Here is a video of me sailing using pypilot in Maine.  I am using the simrad tp22 autopilot as a drive unit only.  The electric  motor is directly wired to the pypilot controller.

(the simrad controller was broken years ago)

Big Grin Route SDR/AIS stream into Kplex?
Posted by: seaspray - 11-27-2017, 05:32 AM - Forum: How do I...? - Replies (3)

How do I capture the SDR/AIS stream into Kplex for multiplexing?

There's evidently a bit that I don't quite understand about this whole SDR/AIS thing - perhaps I'm just overthinking things...  Smile  Is the stream presented via a tty interface somewhere?

A pointer to some documentation for this would be great...

  compass calibration
Posted by: Luckbert - 11-24-2017, 04:08 PM - Forum: How do I...? - Replies (8)

I tried to calibrate the IMU today. 
The documentation states that the collected data must be valid. What does that mean?
In my case, the dots don't fit into the circle and there is nothing blue. 
What am I doing wrong?
Greetings Jürgen

  RPi1 - Noobs 0.10.0
Posted by: Denham - 11-24-2017, 04:02 PM - Forum: How do I...? - Replies (8)

Is the Pi2 still supported?

I ask because I am having difficulties with a headless silent install.

I've done this process 3 times now:
- Latest Noobs onto SDFormated 16gb card
- Powered up the Pi, ACT light flashes for about 15secs then stops as if it is stalling at a "select OS to install" screen.
- Allowed to sit for 30mins then power cycle and 5mins untouched to boot.
- I can ping from LAN but no SSH or VNC access. This makes me think it has installed...
- Looked at the SD card on Linux machine, only shows "Settings" volume. I do not see a "root" vol. Windows OS shows "Backup" and another volume it cannot read, I assume that's the "Settings" volume. This makes me think it has NOT installed...

- I did try a HDMI but I think the Pi output is not strong enough to trigger the screen on...
- Tried 0.8.0 IMG flashed onto a card, it booted. After running upgrade and update openplotter was still 0.8.0. Tried git clone to OP folder but then OP stopped working. So now back to trying 0.10.0 Noobs.

Not sure what else to try, I'd really like it to work headless for emergency re-install situations. Edit some prefs in the Noobs OS before install? Ideas?

EDIT* Figured out the GPIO UART access. Takes my PuTTY to "Welcome to rescue system". Logged in and it's sitting at a #.
EDIT* Confirmed that a fresh copy of Noobs OP when first booted takes my PuTTY UART connection directly to rescue system login. Trying to figure out what commands I can use to "install" the op OS directory but am a bit lost.

Quote:If the SD card was not previously initialized correctly, you may get to the rescue system:

Welcome to the rescue system
recovery login: root
Password: raspberry
# pwd

If this message appears, that means that the SD card was not properly initialized. With NOOBs, the initial installation needs to be completed with a keyboard and mouse. After the initial install, the keyboard or monitor are no longer needed.

  celcius to farenheit
Posted by: jim321 - 11-22-2017, 04:41 PM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (2)

a check box in 1wire tab to change temperature from celcius to farenheit ..

  How to use 1W data?
Posted by: Arruba - 11-22-2017, 03:12 PM - Forum: How do I...? - Replies (21)

I have hooked a couple of temperature sensor to 1W and I can see the correct value in SK Diagnostic, after adding it. 
Now, how can I show this data? 
I show other data using Dashboard plugin, but in Preferences/Add I cant see my values. Take a look at the picture attached. Can I edit the values indicated an add mine?
In the second attached picture I can see that my sensor work, but there is a way to personalize?

Sorry, I am not able to attach images...

  No NMEA UDP input in openplotter/kplex
Posted by: reinM - 11-21-2017, 11:13 AM - Forum: How do I...? - Replies (4)

I want to make a anchorchain counter, so that I can see how much chain is out.

I have 2 x RPI . One is running openplotter . The other one has a python script. For testing he receives data from my GPS through the usb port and is sending out the same data through a udp socket WiFi.

In openplotter I do not receive any data. Not when I have access point working or when I send to 
When I start Opencpn on the same rpi I get in both cases the data in.

When I connect the gps as a serial input to openplotter, I receive the data and can send it out to another external computer with opencpn.

I tried different setups, but I can not get it working. Who can help.

Exclamation Introducing OpenPlotter hats!!!
Posted by: Sailoog - 11-20-2017, 02:36 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (25)

We have been really busy lately.

We have reached agreements with CSOFT and we have been working together on some stackable Raspberry Hats.

We are glad to announce 3 hats. We have named them as 3 of the most famous solo sailors of the modern age.

OpenPlotter Moitessier Hat (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Moitessier)

This hat contains the basic items to turn your raspberry into a complete navigation system.
[Image: AIS-GNSS.png]


  • Standalone usage or in combination with Raspberry Pi (standalone usage requires 3.3V power supply).
  • Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi models supporting 40-pin IO header.
  • High-sensitivity dual channel AIS receiver with SMA antenna connector.
  • High-performance GNSS receiver with integrated patch antenna and external antenna support via BNC connector.
  • 3 status LEDs.
  • Barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer sensors. Sensors
    are directly accessible via Raspberry Pi. In standalone mode the sensors are controlled by the host micro-controller.
  • IO headers to interface with spare GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi.
  • UART signals of Raspberry Pi available on header.
  • Data communication via SPI (AIS, GNSS and meta data) and via I2C (sensor data). Data accessible via device driver and device file.
  • Supports ID EEPROM and automatic driver loading.
  • 100% OpenPlotter compatible.

[Image: AIS-GNSS2.png]

State of development: Production.
Release date: First quarter of 2018.

OpenPlotter MacArthur Hat (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_MacArthur)

This hat provides a way to protect your SD card from corruption and allow you turn on and off your system.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Shutdown safely when the main power supply fails.
  • 9V-32V to 5V converter.
  • ...
State of development: Development.
Release date: ?

OpenPlotter Slocum Hat (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joshua_Slocum)

This hat makes easy and safe connecting all type of analog and digital sensors.

  • Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Protected screw connectors for GPIO.
  • ...
State of development: Development.
Release date: ?

We will keep reporting progress Smile