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  Almost There . . .
Posted by: Sailbus - 03-19-2019, 09:08 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (5)

I'm excited to finally have the Pypilot working through the Opencpn plugin. Just making it move the rudder while I'm in the slip at the moment, but things are looking good.
My setup is a VNC connected RPI 3B+, MPU9250, PWM motor controller that's probably too low amps for the real world, and an Arduino UNO, after the NANO took a dive. Not entirely unexpected, the NANO had been a participant in a number of hexacopter crashes.
It's driving a fairly new Alpha 3000 ballscrew linear actuator. I've got current sense through a DIY shunt resistor, which I haven't got calibrated yet, but  I can see it work. Rudder position sense is working through the Alpha 10k pot feeding a voltage divider. No limit switches yet. I put LEDS on the motor controller Direction, PWM, and Enable inputs for troubleshooting.
My big problem is serial communication through the Pi GPIO to the Arduino. I've finally gotten a loopback test to work on the 5V side of the level converter, so I know the Pi TX and RX are working, but nothing on either Arduino. I'm almost ashamed to say how much time I've put into this issue without success. Finally plugged in USB and Bingo!
While I can get a USB Isolator on Amazon, I'd really like to get things working with an opto-isolated GPIO serial connection. Probably something simple to someone of experience, so any helpful hints would be appreciated

  Power mode
Posted by: xfactor99 - 03-18-2019, 03:03 PM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (11)

Hi to all.

I love this wonderfull project, thanks to all, especaly to Sean.

My Request would be if it is possible to add an simple Power Mode (in the Compass/GPS/Wind Window) stearing option.
This mode should simply  turn the drive fowerd/reverse by pressing the <> (Buttons) 1ximpulse (example 0.7 second) and <<>> (buttons) like 3ximpulse (example 2.1 second).

This would allow to test the stearing, to shorten or enlarge the ram of a tillerpilot for easy attach to the tiller and to test rudder angles or limit switches.

Thanks a lot

  efuse on arduino
Posted by: quetzal - 03-18-2019, 12:39 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (6)


I've just bought new arduino nano.
The efuse on them is not


So i've bad efuse on pypilot.
I've tried both with usbasp or arduino isp, I can change the efuse, for example for 0xFE, but not for 0x5 or 0x4 like in the readme.
So i've bad fuses error.

Regarding this it seem that 0xfd is exactly like 0x5. So i've set it to 0xfd.

For the moment, i've run with
#define DISABLE_TEMP_SENSE    // if no temp sensors avoid errors
#define DISABLE_VOLTAGE_SENSE // if no voltage sense
#define DISABLE_RUDDER_SENSE  // if no rudder sense

But in the pypilot client, i've the SYNC OVERCURRENT BAD_FUSES
Is it because of my fuse ? I've spend almost 2 hours on this problem without solution, i don't know why fuses are so important but do you think you can edit pypilot to accept 0xfd ?

Thanks !

  Project low cost autopilot
Posted by: gypsylyon - 03-17-2019, 09:32 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (10)

The reason for opening this thread is to let you know that Tehani and I are developing a very low-cost autopilot.
The idea came about because our pilots are years old. On the other hand Ray's mine also has a tendency to sulphate the tracks of the electronic circuit.  So before we come up with a cost of a few thousand euros to replace the one we have, we've decided to develop our own pilot whose final cost does not embezzle our coffers.

There is enough work already advanced, as I will comment later. We want to share this project with you, because we believe that there will be more people interested in this project that can take advantage of it. On the other hand, we see a contribution of ideas, as happened and happens with the OpenPlotter project. After all, one of the ideas is to be fully compatible with OpenPlotter and OpenCPN. But also that it can be used with other commercial plotters.
The compatibility with OpenPlotter we want it to be Plug and Play, so that it does not suppose an added effort to the installation of openplotter and its peripherals.
It will be equipped with its proper Gyrocompas / GPS. It is already developed and is separated from the pilot, to be able to place it in the optimal point of our boat, out of magnetic influences and in centre line. The compass will automatically adjust to the declination of the area where we are sailing, in such a way that between the different courses we will also have the real course. This gyrocompass includes the famous Kalman filter, which guarantees more reliable data and more speed.

Compatibility with all standards such as SeaTalk, NMEA183 and NMEA2000 or N2K, is obtained with a converter that can even function as a multiplexer / gateway if you have different systems coexisting. This step is already done. We are studying the possibility of including SignalK in it. But we have to analyze if it is going to suppose a reduction of the speed of calculation that reduces the response of the system. This is a point to discuss and negotiate.

Regarding the central one, it will probably have a more powerful processor than the ones used by commercials, with inputs for different sensors, such as for example, the rudder angle or motor navigation. N2K sensors, e.g. wind, can be connected without problems.

It could be discussed whether to use another type of cheaper analogue wind sensors.
Or if there is interest in making a pulse output for the existing speed displays on the boat.

In the programming of the central we will introduce "artificial intelligence", so that it has learning capacity and can better handle any direction with respect to the wind and the direction of the waves as well as sea state and meteorological conditions. And also for rescue operations (MOB).

As you can see it is an ambitious project. We have given ourselves time until the end of this year to complete the first operational version. That's why we count on you and your ideas for its development. Updating the software will be very easy using any mobile phone and without special programs.

Regarding the compatibility with commercial systems, we could start with a small survey and tell us which autopilot you have on the boat now and change which one you would put.

In next post we will be expanding our ideas and integrations that we are doing with yours.

We need to complete the specifications of this autopilot as soon as possible, because that depends on the design and manufacture of the circuit of the pilot.
This project has a considerable magnitude, a lot of effort and many hours of engineering work. That's why we need to know if you find it interesting or not and also if the fixed costs could be covered.

So from now on, it moves from being our private project to being everyone's project.

  USB GPS help
Posted by: tobyyost - 03-15-2019, 04:10 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (4)

I realized I posted this in the wrong spot so moving it here. 

I have a bu 353 usb gps.  It works when I set it up in openplotter on the serial tab. It automatically creates the record on the Kplex tab.   But after a reboot it won’t work.  I have to delete the serial tab record and redo it and then it is fine.  Any thoughts on how to resolve this?   What file holds all the startup stuff as I think the probLem has to be in there somewhere?    

Any help is greatly appreciated

  ST1000 embedded TinyPilot - Projectlog & Questions
Posted by: FMJ - 03-15-2019, 12:57 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (11)

After reading a lot about this great project and gaining some experience with Raspberry last summer we decided it was time for the next step. We had an old and broken ST1000 lying around, so converting that to PyPilot seems to be a nice project. Last weeks i have been reading and researching a lot. Deciphered some code and sketches, etc. Also made the first decisions toward the architecture I am gonna use. I would like to make a standalone pilot, so will embed al hardware in the ST1000's casing. After a lot of puzzling i think that i have puzzled out most of the connections. Resulting in this drawing:

[Image: Schematic_TinyPilot-ST1000-embedded_Shee...172037.svg]
Can someone say something about this sketch? Did I make wrong assumptions?

Still wondering how to connect the Arduino and Pi. They share the same powersource, so in theory can be directly connected. That would make USB the easiest solution, cause you don't have problems with the 3.3V vs 5V architecture. But having an opti-isolated I2C-bus seems to be nice for future additions. Especially a remote display, which I am planning to make in the future. Can anybody share how they have made an isolated I2C connection between Pi and Arduino?

Second point of interest is the Motorcontroller. A SimonK based controller seems to be the easiest solution. But they seem to be not so much up-to-the-job as their specs say. So I will probably need a 30A version for the little Mabuchi motor which maximally draws around 10A. Because I still have to manufacture some kind of print to accomodate all the stuff, maybe it's easier and more reliable to put an H-bridge on that print then? Can anybody share their H-bridge designs?

As you can see I have added a 6'th button. That's because the ST1000 has 6 buttons. Still deciding about functionality of these buttons. The display is another topic, I will start with the Nokia one because that's plug-and-play. But am hoping to use a display with the same size as the original display in the future. Probably a small O-led screen because they have good readability at small sizes.

Up next - in a few days - BOM and some pictures / practical sketches.

Hoping to have learned more about Motorcontrol, I2C-isolation and the faults in my sketches by then  Big Grin

Thanks a lot guys!

  US inland waterway sounding details
Posted by: tobyyost - 03-15-2019, 01:43 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (9)

Hi all.  I just started today setting up my openplotter install on RPI 3. I boat mostly on the Tennessee river but plan to travel in the future.  I have downloaded the ACE charts that I need but they do not show the sounding lines.  I have searched and searched for a solution.  From what I read the data is there. The navionics app I use on my iPhone displays them.  I really hope there is a fix for this as I am really excited about getting this system going. Any help is greatly appreciated.   Thanks.

  In actions using command, allow full access
Posted by: dolce - 03-14-2019, 11:20 PM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (2)

The code to run shell commands in the actions tab does not allow for special shell characters. In my case I simply want to provide a quoted parameter which includes spaces to the command. (It rings a piezo alarm and the parameter is a text string which plays in morse code to id the alarm.)

I see, in the file, that openplotter uses the following to run the command:

text = text.split(' ')

While that is normally the recommended method to run external commands in python, in this case I believe it is more appropriate to use:

subprocess.Popen(text, shell=True)

Of course the python manuals warn against using this method. But in this case, anyone with access to input the command could simply enter 'rm -rf' and create plenty of havoc even with the code as written. In other words, we are not worried about shell injection here because the user is already given the ability to run any command. It seems to me that the user might as well have the full power of the shell, just like they do in a terminal window.

Btw, I was going to list this as a bug, but I realized that openplotter is actually working as designed. Thus it's not a bug, it's a feature request.

  Calling all Canadians!
Posted by: MilesAhead - 03-12-2019, 05:18 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (1)

Is there anyone using openplotter on the western side of Lake Ontario? I'd love to meet up and discuss openplotter.

  NMEA 0183 Wi-Fi Gateway YDWN-02
Posted by: MilesAhead - 03-11-2019, 05:03 AM - Forum: How do I...? - Replies (2)

I've come across this NMEA 0183 Wi-Fi Gateway and wonder if I can connect it to OpenPlotter rather than using the dongle? I have bought the dongle but I am struggling to run the wire from the NMEA 0183 repeater, so I was hoping to just connect this gateway, but I am not sure how to connect OpenPlotter to receive and send from/to the gateway.

Anyone have some pointers?