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sharing smartphone GPS - topodom - 02-10-2018

Hi everyone,

My USB GPS broke down. Fortunatly i am still working on openplotter in my house Smile.
While waiting the new device i am working on a backup solution.
I have installed the "share GPS" application on my android cellphone: that is a gpsd server.

Using the tcp protocol, the phone IP and the right port i can get the gps signal in OpenCPN

But it's not working with openPlotter.

Any idea ?

RE: sharing smartphone GPS - e-sailing - 02-11-2018

There is nothing special. This works for me:

Data Type: NMEA
Connection Method: Use TCP/IP ...
Name gps

select NMEA tab
press add
Type: TCP
Name: gpstcp
Port: 50000
in/out: in
press OK
press Apply changes

RE: sharing smartphone GPS - topodom - 02-11-2018

Yes i have exactly the same settings.

In an other hand, OP NMEA Tab do not behave as usual :

i do not get any result from the diagnostic (mygps tcp, even opencpn tcp out,...)

Maybe because a USB GPS is mandatory for a normal behavior ?
i do not get any result in openCPN from openplotter too, while node red is working properly for the roll, pich and pressure sensor

I'll try again when i will get my new GPS.