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dingy geofence - jim321 - 04-01-2019

i am trying to set up a geofence for the that if it tries to get away it will trigger an alarm
dingy has orange pi zero gps signalk server.
i have it sending navigation.position with OP working..
i am trying to set a geofence switch node on OP i set the contexts to the uuid of the dingy and send it the navigation.position  and select use my position, but it says no position under the node .
am i doing this wrong.?

what i want it to do is use the boat's cords for center of fence and if dingy moves 8 or 10 meters away set an alarm in the boat and trigger a kill switch maybe flash a light, Siren on the dingy.

RE: dingy geofence - jim321 - 04-02-2019

i got it working now 
i had to add the dingy to SK data providers in openplotter ...Wink
using websocket instead of mqtt..

edit...on the bench with the gps antennas a foot apart. i had to set the distance to 30m to stop getting false positives..