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compass data question - Ola_H - 05-22-2020


Tinypilot on a pizero with compass sends magnetic heading over wifi to openplotter (RPI4). 
This works but the heading differs, with different fault on different courses.
Is there some kind of deviation table working I openCPN that I don't know about?
The app magnetic world model - could this app generate this trouble?



RE: compass data question - Sailoog - 05-23-2020

Have you calibrated the compass?

RE: compass data question - Ola_H - 05-28-2020

(05-23-2020, 12:17 PM)Sailoog Wrote: Have you calibrated the compass?

Thanks for answer.
yes I think so. In tiny plotter standalone I can read a compass age. But not in the openCPN Pypilot plugin.

I think there was a double -data problem. Will make sea-trial this afternoon and report!