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account issue - sailorBruce68 - 05-22-2020

When I logged in on my original account I was unable to post ; my profile showed 'account not activated'; when I went to 'resend activation email' it told me my email was not a valid email even though it is the same email i used to set up this new account!!

More frustrating was that while I was 'not activated' there is no method to access help; you have to be activated/registered to get help....

RE: account issue - Vamonos - 05-22-2020

I'm not sure what happened. I see that you made it in this time. I see both records, but they appear to have two different email addresses.

RE: account issue - sailorBruce68 - 05-22-2020

can you send me the email addresses? maybe I made error when I set up original account

RE: account issue - Vamonos - 05-22-2020

Just sent you a PM.