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Regatta Race start panel - CapnRon - 08-11-2017

I think this was requested somewhere else, but I will try here.  I would like an instrument panel (it could be in OpenCPN or separate) which helps in the start of a typical regatta race.  I think the "tactics" plugin for OpenCPN may be addressing this, but my impression is that it is more geared towards long distance racing tactics.  At the beginning of a race we sail past the start line (at the 5 minute warning) and then either sailing along the line or sail away from the line depending on the wind.  You would begin the panel by tagging (pinging) both ends of the start line and then proceed on one of the two mentioned sail lines.  The panel would show a countdown timer and the time to return to the line along with a proposed heading based on the current wind data.  In this way you would know when to turn around and start heading back to the line and whether you need to kill some time before you get there or really put on the sail.   Does this sound feasible?  I know there is an app that is available to do this, but they want an annual fee just to use the app.