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Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - Sailoog - 10-09-2017

qtVlm developers have contacted us to integrate this great software on OpenPlotter.

qtVlm is a navigation and weather routing software:

The problem is that qtVlm is not open-source. When we started OpenPlotter project we decided to try to collect only hardware and software which match at least 2 of these premises: low consumption, low cost and open-source. Now qtVlm just matches one of them and we would have to say no but we prefer to ask you first.

We have started this poll to know your opinion, we will do what the community decides.

P.S. We are Catalan, we love voting but be careful a Spanish policeman could hit you ... Wink

RE: Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - jim321 - 10-09-2017

if they want to go open-source yes if not no.. i've been weather routing without it for a long time ..

RE: Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - Sailoog - 10-09-2017

It will be difficult that they go open-source again because now they have some private API incorporated from Iridium GO.

RE: Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - abarrow - 10-09-2017

Not crazy about stuff that isn't open source. Perhaps is there some way to create an optional plug-in, the same way that many Linux distributions give you an option to include proprietary software or not? How well does it even run on RPI? I would think that it would be pretty processor intensive.

I just looked at it. Very interesting program. I'm a bit confused that they can say on SourceForge that it is licensed under GPL, and not publish the source code.

RE: Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - Luckbert - 10-09-2017

I think we have integrated a good software with OpenCPN and zyGrip. The charts of OpenCpn are great and cheap.
I see no need for new plotter software.

RE: Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - jim321 - 10-09-2017

if you have an Iridium GO you could just use your phone or laptop but its slow for data.and uses propitiatory software
let op do op stuff.. Smile

RE: Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - SkipperEarly - 10-10-2017

I am using qtVlm regularly and love this software. Its by far the best and simplest way to download and use different grib files. I would even use this sw for navigation (their instruments presentation is by far better than what ocpn offers) but have started to love the oesenc charts, unfortunately they are not supported.

qtVlm' strength (to my humble opinion!) is the ease to calculate routes, compare them and assess variants. The weatherrouting-pi in ocpn is very poor compared to what qtVlm can do. Its also great to create a route and print a detailed route-plan as a backup, in case the electronic fails. The developer must be an experienced tactician and sailor and the user interface shows that. Obviously results always depend on the accuracy of the grib files, but at least this sw offers ways to compare them etc.

As far as integration with op is concerned I have not tried to use qtVlm on the raspi, so far I use the laptop for planning/navigation and and op as the wifi NMEA concentrator.
Even ocpn on the raspi is usually only my backup as I dont have a hdmi screen but work headless with VNC and found the mouse/screen delays with VNC irritating.

What closer integration between qtVlm and OP is envisaged?

RE: Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - Sailoog - 10-10-2017

qtVlm Integration would be just like opencpn integration. Installed with shortcuts in menu and desktop, required packages installed, settings by default to connect with NMEA multiplexer, default background maps loaded, updates from openplotter menu.

RE: Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - tocan - 10-10-2017

I did vote as no. Anyways in a fast review it would be a good solution for me because they support tides format what is good for river tours.

But on the other side its closed source and than by the way i can buy any other proprietary solution as well. That way i can also strip out main things of openplotter and can just install canboat and signal k. I think its better than to put the voice to OpenCPN and force they can use Openrivermap solutions. Comercial is not a problem but i thing and most join openplotter to be a opensource solution. Maybee i lost to much time in the pbx community and here they are very straight... Linux distributions like scientific linux and red hat are stripped out if they implement non gpl licenced code. I did brought with others the most popular PBX distribution to the Beaglebone black and raspberry pi... but at the beginning we did blog it until the maintainer did change the licence of the installation script. I think not to say no for integration by hnd afterwards because its a private thing and freedom to use it but i suggest not to do a official integration what at least make yours code or the openplotter code conflicts with the GPL...

RE: Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter - bmayer - 10-10-2017

(10-09-2017, 04:02 PM)Luckbert Wrote: I think we have integrated a good software with OpenCPN and zyGrip. The charts of OpenCpn are great and cheap.
I see no need for new plotter software.

Apologize me for my poor english.
qtvlm is not just a plotter. Its the better weather tools what i know. it can superpose grib , merge grib, ...
its a greater tool for build a weather decision for sailing.