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WiFi AP/VNC dropping connection - affinite - 10-10-2017

Latest OP (0.16.) and Raspbian as per OP Update

I cannot maintain a stable VNC connection using the Pi/OP AP
After a few minutes I get a message to say "connection Lost" and I have to reconnect my VNC client.
If I use a separate router as an AP and connect both the Pi and my (Android) VNC client using WiFi, its rock solid with no drop outs.
Anyone have any ideas? Anyone else experience AP drop outs?
BTW this problem isnt new to 0.16.0, Ive had it for a while

RE: WiFi AP/VNC dropping connection - Sailoog - 10-12-2017

90% of AP issues are power issues. Distance and intense traffic increases the power demand, I would start checking this. Unplug any USB device or any device that need power from the raspberry and check the AP.

RE: WiFi AP/VNC dropping connection - affinite - 10-13-2017

Sailoog - Thanks
Just dawned on me that maybe my 3A 12-5v DC-DC converter is letting me down. Will try an alternate PSU and report back for benefit of others.
Keep up the great work.