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IMU readings - Tkalvol - 01-11-2018

I am a bit confused as to the output from SignalK. 
On the SK input diagnostics I get an understandable reading of deg., but the signalK value from the stream in NR shows a different value/format. How do I use this?


RE: IMU readings - SkipperEarly - 01-12-2018

5.7.. radiant = 328 degree you have to convert radiant into degrees

RE: IMU readings - jim321 - 01-12-2018

[{"id":"27f85a97.f0ece6","type":"function","z":"217cab7.d842f54","name":"Rad to Deg","func":"var rad = msg.payload;\nvar deg = rad * 180/3.14;\nmsg.payload=deg;\nreturn msg ;","outputs":1,"noerr":0,"x":796.0000858306885,"y":154.000018119812,"wires":[["a974ffe2.57316"]]}]
here is a function node 
its rad *180/3.14 = deg.

then you will find temp is in kelvin.... temp * 9.0 / 5.0 - 459.67 ...... thats to F °

RE: IMU readings - Tkalvol - 01-12-2018

Thank you both for your replies. That did it!

RE: IMU readings - seandepagnier - 01-16-2018

Why is it in radiant? This makes no sense to me, we should use degrees everywhere.

RE: IMU readings - jim321 - 01-16-2018

same reason they use kelvin to look intelligent.. JK lol..
really i don't know and agree with you. it thru me off too.
but not an big issue once you know.. just convert it in nodered.

RE: IMU readings - shark24 - 01-16-2018

I don't think SI-units are a bad thing...