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installing tinypilot
(02-07-2018, 10:39 AM)kabudu Wrote: Hello Sean

Thank You very much for sharing Your free Autopilot
I bought the necessary parts and am trying to figure out how to install and connect things

How do You install tinypilot ?

I tried in various ways, copying the files into the tce folder but it seems not working.

kind regards

Tinypilot is a separate linux distribution based on tinycore linux. It does not have the features of openplotter.

pypilot can run on tinypilot, openplotter, raspbian or any operating system supporting python.

Tinypilot is intended to run the autopilot and other services with more reliability as it runs completely from ram, less power consumption, and works well on pizero or pizero-w, but can run on any raspberry pi.

The tinypilot repository is here:

It contains only build scripts. You would need to execute the build scripts to build the tcz packages. I will be uploading tinypilot images in the near future.

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