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Using ADS1115 in differential mode
(03-06-2018, 05:59 AM)affinite Wrote: Ole, Paddy I am also on this path ...
I'm interested to know why you think that SignalK will be better than MQTT for this application ?
Performance seems fine over MQTT

Not precise real reason, just seems like it's a tiny bit less work for openplotter to do, converting from MQTT to signalk plus makes a little bit more sense to me so looking at it later it's hopefully a bit easier to see what's going where. Just seems a bit 'running round the houses' when the esp can do some of the work before sending the data out. 
On the other hand there are downsides, I love MQTT and leaving the data going out of the esp makes it simple to get onto the web to look at when away from the boat. Hmmm ...  Smile

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