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OpenPlotter update to Linux Stretch version
Just tried to upgrade OpenPlotter to the latest Raspberry Raspian Linux version called Stretch.

Although it is not recommended I have done this by changing the server adresses from Jessie to Stretch.


Then apt update and apt dist-upgrade.

See instruction on the website.

Then you get a lot of updated files. It takes some time.

But it all seems to go well and after the update most things worked without problems.

I only had to reinstall zygrib.

And be carefull with the Synaptic server settings. Removed all adresses with Jessie.

At first things did go wrong here because of two version updates have mixed together. Because of the left Jessie settings in Synaptic.

Also OpenCPN was working and it was possible to upgrade OpenCPN to the latest version 2.8.0.

So now I have the OpenPlotter 0.14.4 running on Stretch Linux.

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OpenPlotter update to Linux Stretch version - by verkerkbr - 08-20-2017, 10:21 AM

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