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Pypilot Hardware Recipes
(02-13-2018, 10:04 AM)LarsD Wrote: Do you share the drawings / specs for the different hw stuff - mainly the motor controller. I have most of the parts and wanted to assemble the controller myself. I looked around but couldn't find any specs, which escape for example. A simple sketch worth a pays last would do fine.
The sketch for the controller is here:


From this you should be able to build your own.

Quote:I assume that using the main Rpi 3 of my own plotter to also cater for the pypilot would be fine?
Yes. I am finalizing the pypilot support for the next release of openplotter. You need to have a 9 axis sensor that is supported, preferably mpu9255 (or 9250 soon)
Quote:Openplotter already have GPS, and weathetsensors connected and available in signalk.... It is mainly the motor controller / rudder sensor I would need to add as well as the pypilot panel.... I guess I could figure that one out for myself....
Unless you mean the hardware buttons? These are mostly intended for tinypilot, but you could wire the correct gpio pins and use them from openplotter.

There is a pypilot control panel included with openplotter. Also a pypilot plugin for opencpn. Either can control the autopilot.

You may build your own controller

Mine have optional features such a
- reverse polarity protection
- fuse
- optical isolation
- waterproof connector and case

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