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oeSENC and OpenPlotter update or new release
(12-19-2017, 02:41 PM)seandepagnier Wrote: If changing the raspberry makes a difference, then you can hack the kernel in some way to fool the osenc and make it work on any raspberry (or any other device) and as many devices as you wanted.   I don't know what it uses to detect this, maybe the default wifi mac address?

Anyway, I don't really care about this.  I use free charts only.  It's too bad there are people who withhold critical navigation information on the basis of profit.

Seandepagnier, I fully agree with you, such navigation information should be freely available (to all, and at no expense).
However, e.g. in France, it is not, and the state services in charge (SHOM), though financed by our taxes,
will market (sell) the information and will oblige any distributor to control the diffusion of such (marketed) information.  Dodgy

This being said, the distributors will be obliged to implement stupid and dangerous restrictions mechanisms (DRM) adding more risks
to a risky way of life : the navigation...

What I can't understand is why, in this case O-charts doesn't limit these mechanisms to the strict H/W ((serial & ...) Huh

Connecting this DRM mechanism with a software OS version or revision makes it look like a kind of 'programmed obsolescence'
to oblige you to pay again for what you have already paid : the right to use the set of charts (even without any significant upgrade of this set of charts) !
In this case the mislead customer would then be forced into a kind of hidden subscription ? Angry
Config : RPi 3, OP 1.0.0 alpha
Didier B


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