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Accessing Sensor Data from Python

First of all, congratulations on a superb open source project.  I have some questions if I may, I've split them across multiple topics so that the title matches.

We run a club yacht and are interested in using OpenPlotter on a Raspberry pi 3.

We would like to send an automated email to the club skippers showing where the boat has been, speed, wind speed, air pressure and temperature etc.

Most of this data will be multiplexed and arrive in the Pi via an NMEA0183 connection.  We may add an i2c barometer/thermometer unit and a NodeMCU connected to an engine room probe at some point (using MQTT or signalK).

If OpenPlotter and OpenCPN are running, is it possible to access this data?  If so, how could one access the data in a python script?

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log SignalK data to a file best guess

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