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Wifi Instability
I have a new
-Raspberry Pi 3 
-running Openplotter 0.12.0 Alpha
 -dAISY 2+ 
-wireless keyboard & mouse 
-HDMI monitor

Problem: I'm trying to set it up to be a headless system on my sailboat but am still in setup/testing phase at home.  The Pi is connected to my home wifi network successfully.  I'm able to VNC, RDP, and SSH into the pi from my laptop also on the same network.  All runs great right after bootup and as long as I have an active remote connection into the Pi.  If I don't remote into the Pi or if I leave the connection inactive for 10-15 mins, the Pi goes offline.  At this point I can no longer connect remotely into the Pi.  If I use the connected keyboard/mouse/monitor I can use the Pi perfectly fine and see that the Wifi connection to the home network is still up and am still able to connect to the internet.  It's like all the remote hosting services just go to sleep which would make the setup useless in a headless setup.  I have searched this forum and google for other's with similar issues and solutions to no avail.  I have disabled Wifi Power Management and verified it with iwconfig to make sure that wasn't the issue.  

Thank you for the support and such a cool community and technology!

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