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Pypilot motor controller
I made tests today with a hydraulic motor. The controller drives the motor fine. It draws 12 amps moving the rudder. There is a voltage drop of 0.15 votls from the controller, so 1.4 watts loss plus 0.3 watts for the arduino and mosfets driving 144 watts so 98.9% efficiency.

The barely get warm at all. I don't think they need a heat sink below 15 amps continuous power, and this agrees with my calculations, as well as measurements. Despite this I intend to use a metal box. Once I do more testing and improve the board design I hope to have it available for use with hydraulic motors, although I think cheaper controllers can also work with cooling and less efficiency.
I've not see all these replies, thanks ! Do you plain to release some schemes of this controller ? It look to be the best way to drive a brushed motor like my old ah2000 (moreover, i can use the control box of the ah2000 to put the mosfets and the arduino. If it work, i will see to edit the arduino code to add Button functions, to transmit back buttons push on the ah2000 old box to the rpi with openplotter. Or I can put the rpi directly in the box but I don't like it because i'm not sure about waterproofness).

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