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Openplotter with Navionics?
I'd like to connect my openplotter data (position and AIS) to my ipad running Navionics.  From what I've read Navionics listens to UDP port 2000 for nmea broadcasts. 

I've tried to setup a UDP output under the NMEA 0183 setut tab, but using other plotting software that i know can connect via UDP I don't seem to be getting any UDP broadcasts out of openplotter.  My version is 0.17.1. 

I used UDP output, port 2000 and localhost as the IP.  Doesn't work using either.  Checking using the diagnostic button shows data being generated.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!
I downloaded the latest version of OP which appears to have reorganized the networking and configuration interface. I'll set that up, test, and report back...
V1.0.0 didn't fix the UDP thing. I still can't broadcast with UDP.
Nobody uses UDP broadcasts?
(07-11-2018, 05:51 PM)jswalwell Wrote: Nobody uses UDP broadcasts?

As the Name implies, you have to use an SPECIAL Broadcast Adress here: with the and Netmask of it will be


good luck
So I was able to check something as simple in the kplex configuration as:


It is able to send the NMEA data over port 2000 in UDP. I checked it with OpenCpn by creating a UDP network connection, port 2000 and address It works, which shows that there is flow in UDP 2000.

What I don't know is if you've already tried it or if it will work with Navionics.
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Holgerw: one should only have to specify the host address and port for UDP broadcast over a specific port. See pinguino's config.

pinguino: thank you for testing and confirming UDP broadcast. I had been testing with iNavx (ipad app) since I know it to work with TCP broadcast data. i am reading through the kplex documentation and will configure via the config file, test, and report back.
(Yesterday, 06:42 PM)jswalwell Wrote: Holgerw: one should only have to specify the host address and port for UDP broadcast over a specific port.  See pinguino's config.

Of course you have to set an Port. The Adress can be or in this case
PS: pinguino´s config is wrong -> only 4 bytes in IP4.

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