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Mouse/keyboard/touchscreen alternatives?
(08-17-2018, 02:20 PM)NahanniV Wrote: Could voice control be added ?

"Hey Plotter, what's the depth ?"
"Hey Plotter, set a course of 360 deg."
"Hey Plotter, pan map right"

You can add anything as long as it sends keystrokes, but I doubt voice control would work.
This is about as far as I have gotten. The screen is a 7" 800cd/m2 touch. There is no touch controller yet and the Adafruit TFTFriend only provides 125mA, instead of the 180 needed for max brightness.
Hi mkeveney,
I think i've made what you dream of ..
I've found an old NAVIONICS GEONAV 6 CABIN which was unusable ... and too old.
I've taken out the screen and the board and put a 5" HDMI screen, a PI3, a serial NEO 6 GPS, a bluetooth dongle, a RTLSDR dongle all in the box.
In order to keep the keyboard usable, i've developp a board with usb interface recognised as a keyboard. You can program the shortcuts as you want.
Everything works perfectly except the RTLSDR dongle but i'll open a new thread.
And the good thing is that the box is waterproof and, if you need to tune it, simply turn on the BT keyboard with touch pad (few $ on ebay).
If you want more details, just ask me.
[Image: mini_18092301403816248215906759.jpg]
That is cool! Do the buttons work?
Yes, each button correspond a keyboard shortcut.
Page = F2
Zoom plus = +
Zoom minnus = -
Enter = enter
Clear = Escape
Goto = Alt
The light button drives a transistor with 4 leds
The good thing is tha i can add multi touch shortcut if needed.
I only have to modify the source code, build the hex file and load it into the ATMEGA8A of my board.

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