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moitessier hat - AIS reception varies by power source
Just away on holiday at the moment. I will try out a few tests when i get back. The aerial is pretty decent marine vhf antenna, though it is not yet mast mounted so perhaps a little close to the powered equipment.

Ill try with a longer USB cable to get the HAT further away from the converter. I can also try with the li-ion pack i have to compare vs mains, and using converter with engine on vs not for how clean the voltage is, different converter etc.

Once i'm back and have gone through a few permutations i'll drop an update back.
has anyone tested with something like "UPS PIco - Uninterruptible Power Supply HAT" to be added to the raspi +Moutessier.
... well nobody used the Pico .... but how about the StromPi3 ? - anyone used/tested the StromPi3 with the accu add-on on top of the Moitessier hat?
(01-20-2019, 06:20 AM)SkipperEarly Wrote: ... well nobody used the Pico .... but how about the StromPi3 ? - anyone used/tested the StromPi3 with the accu add-on on top of the Moitessier hat?

I've not tested the StromPi3 yet, but according to the schematic of the StromPi this should work. However, the rechargeable battery must not be on top of the Moitessier HAT. This would dramatically reduce GPS performance. The HAT does not provide the 40-pin IO header on top anyway.
Thanks Rooney for replying.
Have in the meantime spoken to the developer of Moitessier HAT and got positiv feedback. - it should work!
BTW: Moitessier HAT will always be the top HAT - as no pins are put through. StromPI with battery will be sandwiched between rpi and Moitessier.
Will have to see if height of StromPi with Battery is not too tight and if ventilation is sufficient. Maybe I can find somewhere a "extend distance - pin - stacker" - (if you know what I mean Smile
I am now planning to go that way.
When you use the strompi3, per Default the Serial communication is blocked, because strompi uses a Serial console. I contacted Joy-it and they confirmed that. Only solution is to set the strompi in the "Serial-less-mode". It took me somte time to find is a how-to

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