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... send Signal K keys in a ST2000 network?
I would like to see the battery voltage on my plotter. The workflow should be the same for every Signal K key, that is to be sent in a ST2000 network.

The voltage is measured by an ads1115.

It has the Signal K key „electrical.batteries.service.voltage“in OP.

The PGN for battery related data within a ST2000 network is PGN 127508.

If I activate sending PGN 127508 on the CAN2USB adapter output, the plotter shows 0.0 Volt.
That is clear, as I can see in the CAN tab Diagnostic, that the PGN 127508 contains only zeros.

My question is, how can I link the Signal K key
„electrical.batteries.service.voltage“ to the PGN 127508?

I guess, the format is a bit tricky, because the PGN 127508 contains multiple, battery related, measurments.

May be I could change the Signal K key to an other string? But how to name it?


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