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Waypoint selection web/mobile interface
It would be nice to be able to select and activate waypoints and routes from the database used by OpenCPN, but from a mobile friendly web view (simple drop down list). This would be helpful for all Openplotter users (even IMU only) because it would allow for VMG, COG, ETA etc instrument display. But of course it would make sense in the context of a Pypilot web/mobile interface.

And of course a quick and easy way to add a new waypoint from coordinates or at least local position would also be helpful.
You can run opencpn on a mobile device and activate waypoints. What is the reason for the web view?
I suppose it's more of an idea than a request.

Ease. A minimum of fumbling. Dedicated simple interface, large controls. Will run on any web browser.

Particularly I am having increasing success using a Kindle e-reader for full sunlight (but backlit) instrument display (no OpenCPN nor VNC possible). Racing on the lake in familiar territory we don't need a chart, but we need to know exactly where to find the mark (especially in late fall when we are finishing in the dark). We don't use autopilot.

That's a very specific use case, but I assume there are other circumstances where someone may want to be liberated from OpenCPN on the client side.

Built with a web service it could be recycled into a smartwatch app, plugin for a dashboard or signalk app.

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