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DIY repeater, readable from 8m away during day/night: built with OpenPlotter/Node-RED
About my DIY repeater, readable from 8m. away during day/night: built with OpenPlotter/Node-RED/Remote control/bright LED matrix (other building blocks: Seatalk/Multiplexer/ESP8266/another RPi/mini router)

I cycle through 5 views (engine temperature/compass course/wind speed/atmospheric pressure/speed through water) by pressing a remote control. The LED display quickly scrolls the data repeatedly.

Video here (1 min.): http://www.adambahri.com/images/DIY-repeater.mp4

How to, most of it on github, that includes the two used Node-RED flows: 1. on OpenPlotter RPi and 2. on another RPi (with LED matrix plugged on top): https://github.com/JeroenAdam/IoT-aboard

My Hardware specs:
• Intel NUC running OpenCPN + 16" USB-powered display
• Raspberry Pi with OpenPlotter
• Raspberry Pi Zero W + bright LED matrix as DIY repeater (using Node-red/MQTT)
• Mini router converted to remote control for Raspberry Pi Zero W (using OpenWRT/MQTT)
• Simrad BR24 radar (UDP reception from digital radar on Intel NUC using OpenCPN plugin)

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