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Engine/transmision/alternator temperature in OpenCPN dashboard or a lightway display
I have a little box in the engine room sending temperatures of engine, transmission and alternator to the SignalK server via wifi,
my project of Internet of Things on Board IoToB.

This works nice and I can use a web browser (chrome or another with Javascript) to run the instrument panel. This works well
when not much else is running. If running OpenCPN 5.0.0 things grinds to a halt, possibly running out of both memory and available 
cores. I have tried some lightweight web browsers, but they don't support Javascript and hence cannot display the instrument panel.

A quickfix is to open the SignalK diagnostic window. This show the numbers nicely, but it's not the best solution.  My suggestion is to 
in some way convert the SignalK messages to NMEA sentences and with some magic get the dashboard of OpenCPN to display the temperatures. 
So far I have not really found how NMEA sentences for these engine (etc) look like. NMEA seem more geared towards navigation. 

Any other tricks could be of interest, a X11 application that just display some selected SignalK messages could also be nice. 

opencpn has a limited amount of things to display it would be nice to have it show more
there are a few plotters and dashboards to use with signalk .
i have played with them but cant come up with a combination that i like..
mare liberum
Could you share some information about dashboards for SignalK messages, I have always thought of using the browser, but after OpenCPN 5.0.0 it became too much for the RPi to run everything smoothly. I's also possible that it throttles down the frequency because of overheating. This is also an option I'm looking into. The installed box might not have enough airflow.
Anyway, it would be nice to have something lightweight compare to a full web browser like chromium.

Word on the street is that the Opencpn dashboard will accept signalk messages at some point hopefully not too far.. Hope I didn't dream that, can't find the thread on cruisersforum now. At the moment i turn engine temperature sigK into nmea water temperature so it's visible on the opencpn dashboard, though as a tablet is used in the cockpit it can view the KIP viewer fine on chrome but having it in Opencpn means no keypress needed.
For a lightweight browser I use KWEB,

but it doesn't display node red or sigk which might just be something as simple as enabling flash or something.
the wilhelm is nice but its only for apple products
i am using a headless setup so the browser is run on whatever device its viewed on..

[Image: test_image1.jpg]

i had some success with the steelseries gauges i haven't tried them since i started using node red embedded in SK
someone with more skill than me could get a good looking dash from them.Smile

[Image: attachment.php?aid=114]
mare liberum
This was great news, SignalK messages displayed on the OpenCPN dashboard. Just the idea that some day the NMEA will be replaced by SignalK. Some time we will also have replaced NMEA 2000 (CAN bus) with Ethernet, Gbits maybe. Things more rapidly. I have start using wifi for SignalK messages, it could be an option.

I did try the kweb browser, while support Javascript it did not display html5 signalK instrument panel. Hence a small utility to display SignalK messages kind of like the diagnostic window would be quite nice. Launch the chromium beast just to watch some numbers are a bit overkill on a machine starved on both core performance and memory.


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