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heading adjustment ... when does it stop?
So I keep having to re-adjust the the heading adjustment. Sometimes a few times in one outing, but usually at least each time I go out... when does it stop?

This is the problem right?
Same problem here (Moitessier-Hat)
Despite numerous 360° calibration circles magnetic HDG is never correct.
So that makes 3 of us all having the same challenge... is this a bug or just our own misunderstanding/misuse?

Im running
Moitessier hat
OP 1.2
Opencpn 5.0
Pypilot pluging 9

It all works I guess, just annoying that my heading is not correct.
Also when I try to record a track in opencpn it adds coordinates several miles away randomly... are you experiencing that as well?
Is this a opencpn issue or a OP/Moitessier hat issure?
How do we figure it out?
Are you using a cooling fan which may impact "randomly" on your sensors?
(08-07-2019, 02:48 AM)SkipperEarly Wrote: Are you using a cooling fan which may impact "randomly" on your sensors?

No cooling fan.  Just a couple  of heatsyncs
try the compass mode instead of the gps. as shown in your linked photo.
i don't think you can calibrate the gps heading..?
mare liberum
(08-07-2019, 09:49 AM)jim321 Wrote: rastam4n
try the compass mode instead of the gps. as shown in your linked photo.
i don't think you can calibrate the gps heading..
Thanks Jim
I actually typically use compass mode, and do have to adjust the offset each time I go out... but this particular instance I had adjusted the offset that day already in compass mode and it was working good, then when I activated the route and py.pilot switched to gps mode and instantly the offset was incorrect again. 
I need to do some tests switching from gps to compass... but this may be a secondary bug? 

Primarily in compass mode I am having to adjust the heading offset at least once each time I go out, and I have had to adjust it each time I make a major heading change. 

Does the moitessier hat need to be mounted horizontally? I currently have it mounted on its side.
should not matter what orientation, the calibration should take care of that.
if its been some time between calibrations just sailing around should recalculate the heading for you. if it's not locked,at least that's how i though it works.
i don't know anything about how activating the route is changing the mode .? i haven't gotten that far yet .
sean will have to chime in..
mare liberum
Although I am pretty sure about this being an usage issue, I gave up trying and rather wait for OP 2.0
Hopefully procedures (and pitfalls) will become more clear then. With all developers being busy to finalise 2.0 (+ RPi 4) I fully understand that noone wants to put much effort to support previous incarnations.

Suppressing the mag HDG Sentences forces OpenCPN to use COG to display the ship icon properly aligned.

Using Pypilot i had similar problems woth the autocal...After doing an ecellent calibration (thats what the pypi display shows) i locked the cal and configured the correct offset.
For now the hdg is correct and stays correct There is no need to recal the compass continiously as long there is no change in the sourrounding parameters

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