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Hi All,

has anyone see a good walk through for inital setup of the Ads1115?

I have followed the stand connection guide for a i2c device and I'm showing the below,

The address of the Ads1115 is on 48, however I'm not sure if I need to add it in the i2c tab and if so are the device discriptions from the drop down OK to customise.

Or do you just start the Ads1115 service in the tools tab and setup vi the file?

Another question I had was its clear via the auto detect its seeing the A0 1,2 & 3, is it just inheriting that from the file (I'm sure for the discrptions this is true)? I guess a better question is if I pluged in two ADS1115 would I see 8 OpSensors.

[Image: O8WnDYX.png]

This is what I see in Signal K

[Image: XYnHAsC.png]

[Image: eYFCYbl.png]

My next step was to put a couple of volts on A0 and see if that show in Signal K?
so after reworking something, I'm seeing more +VE results

From the config file below can I assume the high_voltage = 3000 is in m volts?

_[ADS1115_0] active = 1
gain = 0
samples = 6
ohmmeter = 0
fixed_resistor = 0
high_voltage = 3000
voltage_divider = 0
upper_resistance = 1000
lower_resistance = 1000
adjust = 0
sk_name = tanks.fuel.left.currentLevel
adjust_points = [[100.0,0.0],[5000.0,90.0],[9000.0,100.0]]

I just need to do some reading to understand how to match the input on the A0 etc pin to what I'm seeing in the config file above.

[Image: 5R0KgDn.jpg]
So, I found this in the docs:

an ohmmeter can be set to 1 to measure the resistance of a sensor.

fixed_resistor must be set to the resistance of the fixed resistor and
high_voltage is the voltage you put on the two resistors in serial.

The resistance you want to measure is connected on one side to ground and
on the other side to the fixed resistor and analogue input of the ADC.

The other side of the fixed resistor is connected to + pol (for example 3.3V (high_voltage))

Am I right in thinking if I set "ohmmeter 1."

upper_resistance = to the max value of the resistance of the sensor
lower_resistance =
to the min value of the resistance of the sensor

high_voltage = max voltage

A sensor which is essentially a variable resistor will show in Signal K and the reading will change as the resistance does

or have I massively oversimplified this Big Grin
This is the old description for the analog settings.
(09-07-2019, 01:49 AM)e-sailing Wrote:
This is the old description for the analog settings.

thanks that helped, I know am able to set up tank senders or batterys as a %

[Image: EoathJU.png]

I still need to read into how to monitor amps and voltage using the Ads1115,

also got my AIS and BME280 setup

I also need to work out how to switch the RPI monitoring plug in to C.

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