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[OP2] Changing units for temperature and pressure
I know I could change temp to Celsius and pressure to hPa on OP 1.x but cannot find where I can change the units settings in OP2 anymore. 
rpi3 - OP2.0.22stable
Sensor MS5607-02BA03

Any advise? - Thanks!
An way is to do it in SignalK and the Conversions PlugIn:

type in your Path aka "environment.outside.temperature" //kelvin to Celsius

// this is for an "linear" conversion, you could add more reference points for your sensor
// the "Period" is not functional - for now
// no need to restart the SKServer, just type "accept" and your new data is published.
Thanks holgerw, sounds simple - but cant find a conversion plugin in signalK.
In the conversion signalK > NMEA183, which I use to get the XDR sentences I cannot find any option to enter the formula. - I must have a mental blockage grrrr.

Had also tried the offset method in OP-I2C without luck.

Could you please post a screenshot showing where to enter the formulas for e.g. temperature (+273,15) and pressure ( /1000 ) - thanks.
You need to install the plugin.
(Yesterday, 02:17 PM)holgerw Wrote: You need to install the plugin.
Which one? - where do I find it?
I cannot find any conversion plugin in the signalK app store, just found a signalK calibration plugin, but there no formulas can be set just a off-set value for simple -+ adjustments, no * or / 

In OP 1 with SingalK it was straight forward to set units, is this feature gone or just not yet carried forward?
Yes, calibration is what you need to fill in. No Formular s - only path, and minimal 2 pairs of Numbers. Easy, isnt it?
Weeell, the idea with units in Signal K is that on the protocol level everything is always in SI units. Period.

Calibration is really for calibration, not conversion.

Where are you using the value? You should be able to convert it to the unit you want there. ”Should” that is..

And we really should implement preferred units management on use and system/vessel level...

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Well, just looked with path a bit: environment.inside.bilge.temperature HAS selectable units in the Instrument Output. So no need these hack anymore.


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