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[OP 1 & 2] GPS sometimes reports latitude as 0.00
My Moitessier HAT (V1) sometimes reports my latitude as 0.00, but with the correct longitude. It only happens for a few seconds, randomly from about once an hour up to about once a day.

It happens with both OpenPlotter 1 and 2. I hoped OP2 would fix this, but it still happens. I'm currently running some test with a USB GPS receiver, but so far it doesn't seem to have that issue, so it's probably with the HAT itself.

This is kind of annoying, because my recorded tracks get these "noisy" positions, and mess up my track length calculations.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Can you give me detailed information how you are testing? I will try to set up the same testing environment.

Hi Thomas,

I've been running some tests with my USB GPS, and I also did get that bug, so turns out it's probably not the HAT. I changed the thread title to reflect this.

The way I'm testing is pretty simple: I just connect a GPS receiver on my Raspberry Pi 3 running OpenPlotter, launch OpenCPN and enable the track.

After a while, I see some lines going south to 0.00 latitude. I can share a GPX file if you want, but I'd rather not post it publicly because it includes my precise location.

It's happened to me now with 2 different Raspberry Pis, on OpenPlotter version 1 and 2, and with the Moitessier HAT as well as a USB GPS.

I'll try logging the position data directly from SignalK, to see if it's an OpenCPN issue or if the actual data is like that.
Okay, just did some more testing, and it seems that it's not OpenCPN, or at least, not completely. I logged my position in InfluxDB through the SignalK plugin, and I do see a 0,0 position in there. I'll dig a bit deeper to see if it occurred at the same time as the 0 latitude event in OpenCPN.

Is there a way to filter out these position inputs?
Do you have this behaviour only if you are sailing and position is changing? Or do you have the issue even if your system is running on a steady place and position does not change?

I will log the GPS messages directly that are sent via /dev/moitessier.spi and will compare the results with the recorded track.

It happens in both situations.
I logged the positions for a couple of minutes, but I didn't receive any 0.0 latitude values.
How long was your board running before this problem occurs?

Could you log your GPS module while doing your testing?
cat /dev/moitessier.spi > ~/Desktop/gnss.log

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