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OP2 Rasp Pi 4 sec display VGA

Who has a suggestion ?

I've installed OP2 on an raspberry PI 4. First display in the navigation corner is HDMI based and connected to hdmi0 port on the pi. This works.

I've a second monitor LX1501PTI  mounted outside. This monitor has only a VGA connection and USB connection for converting touch into the mouse movement. This display is excellent (1024x768) , brilliant colors, dimable, and touch works fine so i don't want to replace this display. This display works fine connected to a windows notebook.

I connected this display via a passive VGA to Mini hdmi convertor to port hdmi1 on the PI 4
The problem is i don't get anything on the VGA screen. 
It seems that I should modify  /boot/config.txt  but until now i could not find a working mode.

Ideas are welcome

Haven't tried that monitor, but in general VGA requires:

 [HDMI:1] tells the config to only apply to port 1 on the pi 4, so put this section at the bottom of the file. If you have other required HDMI commands for your main monitor you may need to put them in an [HDMI:0] section (by default they apply to 0, but when you are configuring two monitors best to be explicit).

the hotplug command forces the pi to believe the monitor is connected, whether or not it really is (since it won't get a signal from the VGA port to tell it.)

the drive command selects between DVI (1) and HDMI (2)

the group command says "treat as a monitor (2=monitor, 1=TV).

the mode command is 1024x768@60Hz

depending on system you may also need:


these are both the default values, but sometimes you have to be explicit about them.

All the pi video options
THX dsanduril !

Works now for me.
Display inside on 1920x1080
Display outside on 1024x 768


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