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Implementing /digitalyacht/ikommunicate/webAPP
I have been fighting with this Kindle app for a long time.

Even after fixing the server url code, it seems that when there is no Depth sentence, it won't display anything. So perhaps any missing element and it just won't work. Using the Signal K emulator in Openplotter to add a value for Depth allows that problem to be bypassed.

So it works in a browser on my PC but if I try to display it on my Kindle IV I get only the outline (frame) of the display - no data, even the settings icon isn't showing (though I can click it's outline). The settings page seems to work. I'm running 4.1.3 firmware. Javascript is enabled.

Tempted to get a used Paperwhite or Touch model so I can load Weblaunch as that's the only success story I've seen for these.
I did get a Kindle Paperwhite and it works if I simulate the depth sentence.

So the code won't work on a Kindle series IV.

Ah well, the backlight will be great.

I found the Paperwhite version 2 on eBay for $42, like new. The seller goodystore seems to be selling items people left behind on airplanes.

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A couple more findings with the kindle app.

In the html file he references a variable called value1 when he means value and this causes a bug in the two-line display mode where it shows depth in the heading field. Easy fix.

My Kindle Paperwhite's Experimental Browser times out after 10 minutes and opens a screen saver. That's no good. Ends up there is a fix: simply type ~ds in the Kindle's search bar.


I haven't figured out how to fix it so that it will work without a depth sounder, short of emulating depth in signal k simulator. The code isn't long, but the coder is smarter than I am. In my boat I only have depth when my "legacy" Garmin plotter is on - depth is all I need it for so it is often not on.

I'd ultimately like to make a single Kindle screen that shows only Heading, SOG, and GPS Time on a simple headless Openplotter with IMU and GPS for a race boat I crew on, and hang it under the boom.

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