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I am not able to run MQTT from OpenPlotter rel. 0.11.7
I can not run MQTT from OpenPlotter rel.0.11.7. (to publish SignalK data on a broker)
I have 2 raspberry PI3 with installed openplotter, in both of them I have verified that the broker works using Mosquitto from command line and from pc with Eclipse Paho.
I use the 2 OpenPlotter brokers.
The MQTT publication from Node-red also works regularly.
I searched for guides and examples on the openplotter MQTT setup but refer to earlier versions with different configuration menus.
I understand that I must do these 3 steps:
1 - Adding MQTT Topic
2 - Add Trigger
3 - Adding Action
But I do not find it clear how to setup
I would be useful for a mini guide or an example
sorry kste, this is not documented yet.

If you want to publish a signal k key value in a topic:

In MQTT tab set username and password and optionally a remote broker address. Then create a topic X type GENERAL.

in Actions tab set a trigger. You can create a Date trigger with the current date. Select your new trigger and add an action "Publish on topic: X". In data field add the signal k key you want to publish on this topic, be sure the signal k key is between angle brackets <navigation.position.latitude>. Select repeat "seconds" and repeat after 1. And you are done, every second your topic X will get the signal k key value and it will be sent to the local and remote brokers.
OK perfect!
Thanks a lot Sailoog
I programmed a esp8266 to measure e.g. temperature and transmit it via wifi and mqtt to openplotter.

I can use the mosquitto server from openplotter and I can connect a mqtt node in node red and see the temperature in node red.

Now I want to see the temperature as the correct signal k sentence. There are two problems in the moment:

1. the esp8266 topic name "/ESP_Easy/BMP180/Temperature" is not allowed in op mqtt and can not be changed in the esp8266. As a workaround I re publish the topic with the name "Temperature".
I now can see the temperature in the signal k stream as notifications.Temperature.

2. How can I change the signal k sentence from "notifications.Temperature" to "environment.inside.temperature"


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You are creating "general" topics, try "signal k key input" instead

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