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[FR] Translation status

For the fun, I translated the diagram of "How does it work" chapter (I know it's still red, but it's already translated, and the diagram is in the English source).

I change the name of the image file, adding _fr in the name, upload in the fr repository, and correct the link. 
Is it the right way? (if not, we just have to modify back the link, and delete the new image)
Hi JeanRCA !

Your translation is correct, you just have to change in the box Input (entrée) /output (sortie) and power (alimentation)
and the job is done.

I'm a little bit busy  (some work to do on boat before to get out of Mediterranean sea) and i'll be able to translate in few days. Big Grin

bests regards

Hey PAA,

For the box on the diagram I did'nt translate on purpose, cause input/output/power seems more natural for me than entrée/sortie/alimentation. Do you really think it's better to translate ? If so i'll translate it.

I translated all the chapters with the blue status. I need an other look, especialy on the "CAN USB Stcik".

Take care off your boat ;-)

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