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[NL] Translation status
Red status: The source of this chapter still needs development. Do not translate it yet.
Blue status: Development of this chapter is finished. You can translate/update it.
Green status: Translation of this chapter is finished.

Guidelines to collaborate: https://sailoog.gitbooks.io/openplotter-...ation.html

  • Introduction(link)
  • FAQ
  • How to collaborate(link)
    • Documentation (link)
  • How does it work?
  • What do you need? (link)
    • Self powered USB Hub (link)
    • USB WiFi dongle (link)
    • USB GPS dongle (link)
    • NMEA 0183 to USB converter (link)
    • CAN-USB Stick (link)
    • USB DVB-T dongle (link)
    • IMU sensor (link)
    • Environment sensors (link)
    • 1W temperature sensor (link)
  • Wiring I2C sesnsors
  • OP Tabs (link)

... We are reviewing the rest of chapters to evaluate the status...
I made a start translating to Dutch.
Committed 3 translated doc's now
Marked in green, thanks!!! there was a pull request pending of approval, you can publish by yourself.

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