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[NL] Translation status
Red status: The source of this chapter still needs development. Do not translate it yet.
Blue status: Development of this chapter is finished. You can translate/update it.
Green status: Translation of this chapter is finished.

Guidelines to collaborate: https://sailoog.gitbooks.io/openplotter-...ation.html

  • Introduction(link)
  • FAQ
  • How to collaborate(link)
    • Documentation (link)
  • How does it work?
  • What do you need? (link)
    • Self powered USB Hub (link)
    • USB WiFi dongle (link)
    • USB GPS dongle (link)
    • NMEA 0183 to USB converter (link)
    • CAN-USB Stick (link)
    • USB DVB-T dongle (link)
    • IMU sensor (link)
    • Environment sensors (link)
    • 1W temperature sensor (link)
  • Wiring I2C sesnsors
  • OP Tabs (link)

... We are reviewing the rest of chapters to evaluate the status...
I made a start translating to Dutch.
Committed 3 translated doc's now
Marked in green, thanks!!! there was a pull request pending of approval, you can publish by yourself.
Hi Sailoog,

Aart Korstjens has made the Dutch Manual for OpenCPN and perhaps is he willing to do the same for the OpenPlotter manual.

He has made several manuals in a kind of "wiki" style. With cross refenrences.



Is there allready an ETA for the Stretch version ?

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