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Wireless GPS and environmental senders
I've installed a SWAB (System Without a Boat), consisting of:

  1. A RPi 3 with a Strato Pi UPS HAT and a small lead acid battery on which it runs for a day or so. This runs OpenPlotter, and is to be placed as a central server somewhere safe on my imaginary boat. 
  2. A WiFi GPS sender, consisting of an Ultimate GPS, an MKR1000 and a LiPo battery. This sends SignalK messages via MQTT to the OpenPlotter broker. Should be placed on the deck to receive GPS clearly. 
  3. A WiFi Environmental sensor, consisting of a few I2C sensors (pressure, humidity, temperature, light) connected to another MKR1000 with LiPo battery. Like #2, this also sends SK messages via MQTT. This shares much the same codebase as #2. Should end up somewhere in my imaginary cockpit, so that the illumination can be tuned to the available light.

Code and a few pictures are available here: https://bitbucket.org/toQDuj/signalk-gps-nodule

The next project will hopefully realise a waterproof WiFi display using an MKR1000 or ESP32 (the former are hard to find now for some reason) and some e-paper. 

/end brag  Smile
Interesting project!

Look forward to reading about your progress ?

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