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Initialization of dashboard chart
This is a totally inconsequential issue that nevertheless offends my sense of what is just wrong in the world so I am on a mission to find out why things are the way they are ....

I have several charts on my dashboard display. When I deploy any changes in my node red flows, all my charts show a weird but non-random (same reading every time the flow is deployed) instantaneous reading.
As an example, I have one chart that displays water depth. The instrument is currently off and should display a blank or maybe a zero (I have initializations that tell it to go to zero on startup). Well the silly thing shows 6 feet. Just for an instant before returning to zero. The result on the chart is rather dramatic - because the instrument is off, there are no readings for a time period but then it gets a 6 foot reading. The chart connects the zero from let's say 30 minutes ago, goes to 6 feet in a sawtooth ramp and then immediately goes back to zero where it stays.
Battery current goes from zero to around 3 amps before going back down to zero. This is a spike (rather than a sawtooth) because it has a regular flow of readings.
My flows generate the data and send it to the local MQTT server, the charts are then produced from the data of the local MQTT server.

As I said, it doesn't affect anything but looks real sloppy and if there is a way to  prevent it from doing so or a way to zero or blank the charts until the system has initialized, I sure would like to know about it.

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