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Connection SeatalkNg to CAN-USB stick
Hello, I have openplotter running the latest version 14.4 and I want to input the data from my electronics through the Can-USB to openplotter converter. On my boat I have the raymarine plotter with seatalk ng. Wind, depth  with seatalk 1 connected to the seatalk converter 1 to seatalk ng. The AIS with nmea2000 output is connected via the Seatalk ng to Nmea2000 converter cable. The network is Seatalkng, how do I connect the network to the Can-USB converter? Do I have to convert the data to Nmea2000, with the seatalkng-nmea2000 cable? Or can I extract the CanH and CanL cable directly from the Seatalkng Network?

You only need CanH and CanL.
U Hello,
I am working with openplotter version 14.4 and usb to can usb debugger with 6 inputs.
I have tried connect the USB-can with the connector of AIS, (cable converter seatalkng to nmea2000) I use that connector to pull CanH and CanL with a low resistance cable for connect USB stick.
The resistance at the connector and on the usb stick are 60 ohms.
In openplotter I view and I set the USB can, but when I connect the network I don't recive any datas, and my network (boat)  not work. If I disconnect CanH and CanL my network starts working.

Something I do wrong. can anybody help me.


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