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Connection SeatalkNg to CAN-USB stick
We have put the latest version OpenPlotter to the Rasp (0.17.1), that is, I start from scratch, we have a USB stick of GPS and the USB Can Bus to translate the data of the Raymanire NG network.

In managing Openplotter's USB it detects both the GPS and the Can BUS, I configure the GPS (also in the Nemea 0183 tab) in such a way that the OpenCPN positions us correctly.
Let's go with the Can BUS. I do not know why, but if you go directly to the N2K tab, in the USB CAN device tab it lets you select it and Ohhhh surprise, in Raymarine data entry diagnosis appears.

Our problem comes when trying to send GPS data to the network.
First we go to Tools / Generator Nmea2000 where we activate the PNGs:

129025 Position_Rapid
129026 COG_SOG

Now in the N2K tab, in output settings we also select them as well as the input and output of N2K.
In the SignalK tab we restart the server and get the GPS reading to be seen for a few seconds on the Raymarine screen but in a few seconds it will be lost.

Any idea what can happen?

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