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How to install new nodes.is there a wrong installation of node red in Openplotter
Now uninstalled node for freeboard, reboot - no success.

Is there anybody here who can install nodes with OP 0.15(1)?
I found the solution here in the forum:

[URL] https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_f...are_type=t[/URL]

For me the removal of the git folder worked, but there are reports, that node red has been corrupted by this.
I did not go deep until now inside Node Red and freeboard because still i need beginners documentation. And someone that is able to take beginners on his hands and guide. I can say just the last time i did try someone gave me the tip in openplotter to move the folders in openplotter for the installation. And than realy i could install the influxdb what i need for monitoring my solar solution. By the way i can not much help you but maybee you look inside the git developers discussion because there should be implement a new weather solution.
I do not run Openplotter for the moment because i wait until next version is out and i can more easy to integrate little things that are for the moment not planed for integration.


i try to integrate my hardware inside signal k the demo and snapshot is not online all the time because its directely from my raspberry pi.

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