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OpenPlotter update to Linux Stretch version
(01-08-2018, 02:12 PM)jim321 Wrote: verkerkbr
i dont understand you want it to work before it's even released ???



I'am only updating the Linux version Jessy to Linux Stretch (debian 9.2). OpenPlotter add-ons stays the same.

I think it is easier tot replace the Linux version then to install a complete new OpenPlotter version.
Thnaks a lot Bram.

I would not recommend people to update from Jessie but there will be people forced to do it like oeSENC charts users who want keep their license.
Hi Sailoog,

perhaps a silly question. But if you can replace the complete OS with a newer version and I suppose that the OpenPlotter add-ons are separate items.

Why is it not possible for present OP users to replace the OpenPlotter add-ons also via a server update with an new version ? Most of the OP add-ons however are
stil working after the upgrade of the OS. The oeSENC chart sets is of course an important. Also other settings are important. As I stated before the latest OpenCPN beta
version works here without any major problems and with the chart sets as before.



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