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Feature list
Items to monitor:
All of the below items would have triggers associated with them that would generate an alert (emal or SMS) if a threshold is reached.

  • (2) DC voltages 24 V (or higher?)  What precision?

  • (3) temperature probes (ambient inside, outside, refrigerator) or more?

  • (1) AC mains voltage monitor

  • Lat/Lon of boat

  • (?) digital inputs for bilge pump cycling, refrigerator compress cycling, etc.

  • (4) GPIO that can drive a relay board to turn on peripherals such as Air Conditioning or Heat, bilge pump, lights, etc.
Seems like not many are interested but just having had a boat broken into at our club (all electronics stolen and lots of smashed lockers etc) I am interested (very).
Being able to set an alarm which can setoff sirens, lights etc and phone me to let me know there is a problem . Perhaps even film the perpetrators would be great


I live aboard all year round in Toronto, on Lake Ontario. In the winter managing power can be a challenge.
I am regularly using 80% of my 30 amp power load just to heat the boat, and invert power for the entertainment system. The problem comes in when I want to turn on the coffee maker, or use the toaster oven.
It would be awesome to have a power monitor that can prioritize power use so that when I turned on the coffee maker, that it would automatically turn off power to the water heater, and then I turn on the toaster oven, so it would turn off the lowest priority heater.

i have been working on same kinda thing with node red .
so far i have
4 relays wireless esp8266
2 pir sensors inside alarm if active out side turns on spreader lights at night time on trigger if active.
kill switch
battery voltage on house starter batteries
float switch alarm
waiting for bits from china
two gas sensors 1 propane locker 2 low inside cabin
smoke detector
photo sensor "day or night"
ip pan tilt cam
mpu 9255
bme 280
and looking into a6 gsm module

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