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Bidirectional TCP (or UDP) connection with Shipmodul Miniplex-3E
I have openplotter updated on RPi3, on board I also have a Shipmodul Miniplex-3E that I use as hub / multiplex for nmea ports on cable.
I have set a TCP input on openplotter without problems so I have Openplotter the main multiplex with all the strings.
The Shipmodul (as it says in the manual) handles input and output together in the same connection so it can establish a bidirectional channel on the same port.
Openplotter does not allow to create a bidirectional TCP or UDP connection, and if I try to create two separately, it tells me that there is already a connection to that port.
How can I do? I would like to bring the Openplotter Compass to Shipmodul to have it on the nmea physical network.
I would not use usb-nmea adapters on Openplotter because I did not find them stable in my situation.
The bidirectional NMEA0183 connection works.
I tested this configuration on kplex.conf:


If I put it in the GUI settings section, the openplotter recognizes it.
The diagnostic also visulizes input and output:

the edit window displays the settings but can not be changed because they would be rewritten incorrectly:

Even the Disable button can not be used because it changes the settings.

I think with a few changes to the software can be managed all properly, as is the case with kplex.
Good work kste. kplex is a versatile software but we need to keep openplotter simple for beginners. If we would have included all kplex features that would have been not possible. So we added the "advanced" option to directly editing the kplex.conf file. From your experience we can learn that we should improve the advanced integration. Personally I think we should not allow graphical edition for advanced parameters and show them as "advanced" label and open kplex.conf when you try to edit them graphically. I would try to keep the disable option at least. Thanks for reporting.

I will make this post sticky.

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