Poll: Do you want qtVlm integrated into OpenPlotter?
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Integrate qtVlm on OpenPlotter
I don't think qtvlm should be included because it has no source code.   We should report this violation to sourceforge, they should not be allowed to host on that site.

Furthermore, could someone please explain what (if anything) this software provides that isn't already possible using opencpn?

opencpn can download grib files from requested areas from the grib plugin
opencpn can compute weather routes with the weather routing plugin
mbtile charts can be easily converted to kap files and loaded into opencpn

If there is anything qtvlm does better, I want to know about it, so I make opencpn do that, even better.

I cannot even try qtvlm because there is no binary for my platform (arm64) and so it cannot even run.   OpenCPN would not compile on arm64, until I modified the source code (pull request pending) and now it works great.  Too bad I cannot recompile qtvlm so that I can actually use it.

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