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mobile openplotter
Hello, everyone, 
As some of you know, I've already put an O. R. in a boat. But since the boat is not mine (SAR-boat) I can't always go where I want to go.
I rent different boats every year and spend my holidays on them. But since I don't want to do without the familiar system, an alternative had to be found. 
I would like to introduce you to my mobile plotters today.

I was looking for a box that fits everything and is waterproof. (In case I have an open boat)

[Image: 30964671hi.jpg]

This is the box from the inside. The blue is a thin layer of foam to prevent rattle. Underneath is a thin aluminium plate to create a flat surface.

[Image: 30964672ja.jpg]

Anker Powerbank. The power bank is sufficient for more than 24 hours of operation. I think if I turn off the screen even longer.

[Image: 30964673zn.jpg]

cabel for I2C: to test sensors
GPS-Dongle: U-blox7 without housing
IMU: InvenSense MPU-9150 with BMP180

[Image: 30964674cl.jpg]

The system is actually operated with a pad or similar. But if there should be problems with the connection, I have a fallback level.

[Image: 30964675hv.jpg]

The connection is sma. So I can connect different antennas depending on the environment and conditions. 

Greetings from Dortmund/Germany

Angel  Entschuldigung für mein Englisch. Es ist "google english"
PN bitte auf deutsch.  Big Grin
Hi Jürgen wow wonderful you are locate in Dortmund? We are in Bochum. My Grunde is locate close Venlo and is free to use no charter or rental. The boat is no more a sailing boat but there are thoughts to make it. I think we should meet for a coffee

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That's a good idea. 
I'm always available for coffee.  Big Grin
Angel  Entschuldigung für mein Englisch. Es ist "google english"
PN bitte auf deutsch.  Big Grin
Maybe Saturday? Normal I go netherlands with train. So we can decide. If the new mobile arises I like to test to conect done with an app to overlay directly ais with OSM tiles. Just for idea.[Image: 3b9d44302f890cebea971e689f0431a2.jpg]

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Openplotter Builds:
[Image: 8237c656caf4988127b758e11309216a.jpg][Image: bed28a53f356e1e30be28e7da0008c26.jpg]

Op 0.16.0
Imu MPU 9250
Pressure BMP180
Temperature HTU21D
Humidity HTU21D
Ais reciver 820t2 & sdr

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